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Save Her Soul – Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Romance

Save Her SoulAvailable in Paperback and Kindle Versions and Free on Kindle Unlimited

Finding Forever (Book 1 in the Finding Series) – A Romantic Suspense Novella

Finding Forever Cover RevealAvailable in Paperback and eBook From all Major Retailers

Short Stories by Amanda J Evans

Mermaids Shouldn’t Run – A Short Romantic Comedy

Mermaids Shouldn't Run Amanda J EvansAvailable on Amazon and Free on Kindle Unlimited

Mistletoe Magic – A Short Christmas Story

Mistletoe MagicAvailable on all ebooks stores including Amazon, iBooks, Google Play, Kobo, and more.

Non-fiction by Amanda J Evans

All of the titles are available on Amazon and free if you have a subscription to Kindle Unlimited.  Even if you don’t own a Kindle, you can still read all of these books using the free Kindle app that is available for all devices. There is also a free cloud reader app and a desktop installation for PC users.  If you need any help or further information you can contact me and I will be happy to assist.

Messages From The Angelic Realms


Messages From The Angelic RealmsAngels are all around us, but for many, they remain invisible and their messages unheard. This book contains messages for everyone to read and they have been channeled by Amanda J Evans to share with the world. These messages have been compiled to inspire and guide the human race so that peace and love may prevail.

This book is available in paperback and ebook editions.

If you would like a signed paperback copy of this book please contact me using the form on the contact page.  A limited number of signed copies are available and these will include a personal channeled message for the person the book is going to.  More information can be provided on request.

Here’s what some reviewers have to say:

An uplifting and inspiring book. The overall message is how you can find peace and happiness in life if you find the courage to make changes to make your life better. From world peace, change, life dreams, faith, possibilities, healing, vibrations, inspiring others…if you believe in the possibilities of Angels and even if you don’t, there is an undeniable truth and wisdom that will resonate as you turn the pages of this uplifting and inspiring book.
By Katy Brodsky – 5*

Highly recommended. This new book of channeled readings with the angels of heaven should be praised to the skies because that is where it comes from.  The readings from Amanda Evans are original, clearly stated, and always consoling and helpful in dealing with real-world problems. They are poetic and most enjoyable to read.
By Maggie – 5*

Very inspiring. The messages with this book have really inspired me to learn more. I Listened to most of the book using the text to speech function on kindle and I felt so peaceful hearing these words. I think this is a book I will read many times.
By Sunshinecoach – 5*

Messages from the Angelic Realms (paperback)
Messages from the Angelic Realms (kindle edition)

Surviving Suicide: A Memoir From Those Death Left Behind


Surviving SuicideSurviving Suicide: A Memoir From Those Death Left Behind tells the story of one families struggle with suicide and how it affected them.  A portrayal of the pain and suffering felt by the survivors of suicide. This book lets you step inside the mind of one woman and how she has learned to survive the suicide of her father. The book also includes the writings of her mother and sister who also tell their story. You can re-live their experiences and explore the reality of what suicide really does to those who are left behind. The aim of this book is to promote suicide awareness and help prevent others from having to live through this suffering.  Below are some of the headings from the reviews this book has received.

“This is a very personal and immensely powerful book that provides awareness, understanding and – most importantly – real hope” October 23, 2012

“Heart-wrenching but with a message of hope” November 24, 2012

“This is a very personal and immensely powerful book that provides awareness, understanding and – most importantly – real hope”November 22, 2012

This book is available in paperback and kindle editions from Amazon.

From Those Death Left Behind – Paperback
From Those Death Left Behind – Kindle edition

Angels: Understanding, Recognizing and Receiving their Assistance using Oracle Cards

Angel Card Reading - Amanda J Evans Angel card readings can be really accurate and give you some comforting guidance just when you need it the most. We all have within us the capability to read the cards. The most important thing that we can do is, believe in ourselves and our ability to communicate with the Angels. Throughout this book, you will find information on how to connect and communicate with your Angels through the use of Angel Cards. This is a very comprehensive book covering all aspects. It includes information on various Angel Card Spreads, colours and your cards, archetypes and more.

Angels are beings of light and love and they emerge from purity of consciousness. They can teach us to have joy, laughter, peace, happiness, share kindness and appreciate beauty. They are here to heal us, guide us, assist us, and above all, lead us to connect with your creator self within.

Angels can of course, become so much more and as you connect with and work with your angels you will come to understand exactly what I mean. Angels can give you guidance on all aspects of your life and help steer you in the right direction.

Using the book you will be able to connect with the angels, receive guidance using angel cards, recognize when you are working with the angels and so much more. Included you will find information on the different Archangels and how to call upon them and what they can help you with, the different meanings of colors and how they relate in readings and so much more.

I was looking for something more about Angel Oracle Cards.The booklets that come with Doreen Virtue’s angel oracle and tarot card decks only have so much room in them; I was often left with questions about various things. Enter this book, exactly what I was looking for!
By Nancy C. Beck – 5*

Interesting.this book was easy to read, no ‘mambo-jumbo’ nor bigotry toward alternate belief systems. It deserves 5 stars and a wide readership. Quite interesting.
By Reggie – 5*

This book is available for Free on Kindle Unlimited and as a normal Kindle purchase

Angel Guidance and Card Reading – Amazon UK
Angel Guidance and Card Reading – Amazon US