Mermaids Shouldn’t Run

Mermaids Shouldn’t Run – A Short Romantic Comedy

Mermaids Shouldn't Run Amanda J Evans
A fancy dress party, a mermaid outfit, and 5-inch stilettos. Sounds like fun but for Miranda, it was anything but.

Vivid dreams involving a mystery man asking for help, a friend with a knack for turning everything into a story for the newspaper, and a hospital stay are all combined in this hilarious romantic short story.

Will Miranda discover who her mystery man is?

Will Lesley ever stop laughing at her?

Find out in this funny short story from new author Amanda J Evans

Here’s what others are saying about Mermaids Shouldn’t Run

“Hilarious. The conversations between Miranda and Lesley has me laughing out loud so many times.”

“So funny. I could picture everything happening in my head. The perfect lunch time read.”

“A wonderful light romantic comedy. My colleagues wanted to know what was so funny because I kept laughing.”

“Can’t wait to read more from this author. I loved the dialogue and the references to Orange is the New Black and 50 Shades of Grey.”

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