Card Of The Day 20th April 2010

Taken from Doreen Virtue’s Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards



Love heals all. You can heal any situation if you look upon it with love. Love is all powerful and Divine Love can help with any situation. Holding loving feelings towards another person is a powerful way to heal them and any relationships that you might have. You can send love to anyone and anything especially Mother Earth who needs all the love that we can send at this moment.

As the world is purifying and cleansing our love and positive thoughts can help with the process and the more love we send the planet right now the less destruction and devestation that will come about.

You can send love to anyone who needs it by seeing and feeling love coming from your heart and going to theirs. Visualise your love as a pink light travelling through time and space to reach the person you are thinking about. Love has no boundaries and it can penetrate even the darkest heart. Pray for those who need love and especially those who may have closed their hearts.

Teach those you love about love. Talk to them about love, write about love and sing about love. Our planet needs love and if every person who reads this takes just 5 mintues today to send love to Mother Earth and everyone who needs it the world will be a better place. Smile at a stranger today and you will change the way they are feeling. They in turn might also smile at the next person they meet and this will continue. You have the power to change and if you use the power of love the changes you make will be beautfiul.

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