Clearing Negative Beliefs – Day 5

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In yesterday’s post I told you about Dr. Joe Vitale’s The Clearing Audio.  I have been using this audio for four days now with today being day 5.  I have decided to do a 30 day challenge using this clearing audio and report my results here on the blog.

As I mentioned yesterday, you have to set your intention before listening to the audio files.  My intention for the past couple of days has been:

I am very productive in my work.

Once I have stated this all I do is listen to the audio whilst carrying out my daily chores.  The results I have to say have been amazing and I have gotten so much done.  I am known for procrastinating but The Clearing Audioseems to be working really well.  I have caught up on both my blogs, completed client work early and managed to work on my next book.  It really is amazing.

Today I decided to change my intention and for the remainder of this 30 Day Challenge I am going to be using the affirmation:

My business is a huge success and I am attracting new clients each and every day.

I will be stating this intention and this listening to The Clearing Audio every morning.  I am only going to listen to each of the files once and I will report the daily events that took place the following day on this blog.

There are three files contained in The Clearing Audio™.  File one contains subliminal affirmations so you can’t hear them audibly; your subconscious mind hears them.  The second file is the music with audible affirmations spoken by Dr. Joe Vitale (this is my favourite file) and the third file is music only which is great to use as background music for meditating on your affirmation.

Again you can purchase The Clearing Audio™ right now but if you prefer to wait and see what my results are like then make sure to subscribe to this blog.  You will find the subscription box over on the right hand side bar.  I will place the link for The Clearing Audioin each blog post so you won’t have to go looking for it.

I am really looking forward to posting my results and seeing the amazing changes that will occur in my life.

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