Freebie Friday – Free Books 17th February 2017

Free EbooksThis is something new here on my website and my way of giving back to my readers and also helping to promote other top authors. Freebie Friday is where you will find a number of books listed each week that are available without charge from either Amazon or Instafreebie. (Do remember that with Instafreebie you have to sign up for the author’s newsletter to download the book.)

Free Books on Amazon 17th March 2017

First up we have Joseph Mark Brewer and the genre is mystery/thriller. Below is the synopsis and links to purchase. This book is available free from Instafreebie or Amazon so the choice is yours.

The Gangster’s Son – A Shig Sato Mystery (Book 1) – Joseph Mark Brewer

The Gangster's SonA dead woman. A missing lover. A cop with a secret.

Tokyo police Inspector Shig Sato is back among friends as he returns to Azabu Police Station for his last month with the department. On his first night back he investigates the murder of a beautiful young jazz club waitress. Her boyfriend, an American Marine, is missing, and the club owner is nowhere to be found. Sato knows that if the American has anything to do with the crime it might ignite a political and diplomatic firestorm. While Sato works to make sure he gets the right suspect, he learns that the club owner is the son of prominent yakuza boss Ses Fujimori, Sato’s childhood friend. Ties between the families go back generations, and Sato is in debt to Fujimori for help in solving a case many years before, a secret he has closely guarded. Now Sato faces the the biggest crisis of his career – will maintaining his family honor keep him from bringing a killer to justice?

“This suspenseful but also poignant mixture is far from a run-of-the-mill thriller but a compelling story with multi-layered characters. Congratulations, Mr. Brewer, I feel a new twang of jealousy coming up….” Bob Van Laerhoven, author of ‘Baudelaire’s Revenge,’ a USA Best Book Awards winner

‘Can’t wait till the next adventure with Shig Sato.’ – Dave Adair, author of ‘Random Lucidity’

‘I look forward to reading the next Shig Sato mystery.’ – Mark Fine, author of ‘The Zebra Affaire’

Get your free book here:

Blood Hunted – Heir Hunters, Book 1 (Urban Fantasy Series) by K. E. O’Connor

Blood HuntedHer supernatural ability could be the death of her…

Macie is grieving the loss of her father and facing a deadly challenge; a powerful vampire has died and she has to host her.

Blood Hunted is book 1 in the Heir Hunters series, featuring Macie Thackery, Sarah Greenburg, a powerful witch and Damien Rule, Macie’s usually trusty vampire sidekick.

Macie needs to step up to the challenge of hosting this dangerous vampire. Will she survive this case and successfully keep Heir Hunters running?

If you love urban fantasy, a hint of romance, and fast-paced supernatural action and mystery, then you’ll love Blood Hunted.

This is a full-length novel that is available for free from Instafreebie and also currently free on Amazon Kindle.

Get your free copy here:

Molly: Part One (Angel Book 1) By Tracy Lorraine

Molly Part 1The only thing Molly has ever needed in life is to be wanted. She has made bad decision after bad decision when it comes to men but when the events of one fateful night changes her life forever will she find what she has always wanted with the one person she never expected?

Ryan thought his life was all planned out with his perfect girl but when tragedy strikes it changes his life forever. When he finds his relationship changing with the person who has helped him through his darkest days will he be able to move on and allow himself to be happy again?

As the chemistry between them threatens to ignite them both it becomes clear that if they give into their desires that they could lose the closest people in their lives.

Will their families accept what is between them?

Is what has developed between them worth the risk? 

This book has 335 pages and some great 5 Star reviews.

It is available at all leading retailers and the links are below:


Witch (Family Values Trilogy Book 0) By Patrick Logan

Witch Patrick LoganNo food, no money, no way to make a living… how far would you go to make sure that you and your daughter are fed?

After her husband’s death, Anne LaForet is alone… alone to raise her young daughter in an area of the swamp that is too foul to grow anything. Anne is no criminal, but circumstances force her to resort to theft. When an encounter threatens to put her away for her crimes, Anne accidentally discovers that she also has another skill, one that helps women who can’t conceive become pregnant. As word of her talent spreads beyond the confines of the swamp, she receives visitor after visitor, fulfilling their dreams while at the same time finally getting the food and money she needs to raise her own child.

One woman in particular promises not only the financial freedom that Anne so desperately seeks, but also a way out… the means to leave the swamp forever. But in her haste, Anne forgets about the three things that the people of the swamp hate most of all: broken families, thieves, and witches. Anne already has two strikes against her, and it’s only a matter of time before she is accused of all three…

And so begins the legend of Anne LaForet, of MOTHER, of mater est, matrem omnium, a tightly woven tale of horror and suspense that spans four centuries.

WITCH is a 30,000 word prequel novella to the best-selling Family Values Trilogy that explores the depths of human suffering and how desperation shapes not only who we are, but what we do. And how, through it all, Family is the most important thing both on this Earth and beneath it.

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The Vampire and the Paramedic: An Extreme Medical Services Prequel By Jamie Davis

The Vampire and the ParamedicMonsters. Paramedics. Forbidden Love.

Creatures of myth and legend secretly live among us. Even so Vampire James Lee never thought he would need to call a paramedic. When his werewolf right-hand man Rudy is nearly killed in a car accident, his life and his secret are saved by young paramedic Brynne Garvey.

Now, as James helps Brynne learn more about her patients in his Unusual parallel world, he realizes his desire. Even after sixteen centuries, James discovers a young woman can surprise and impress him in a way he has never felt before.

“The Vampire and the Paramedic” is the prequel to the paranormal medical fantasy series “Extreme Medical Services.” If you’re looking for an exceptional twist on the typical vampire romance storyline, then you’ll love this wonderful, fun, and wild ambulance ride from real-life paramedic Jamie Davis.

Get this story of Myth, Paramedicine, and Romance now!

Read more about James, Brynne, and newbie paramedic Dean Flynn in “Extreme Medical Services, Book 1” available now wherever you buy ebooks or on Kindle and as a physical book at

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Instafreebie Only Books

The last free offer for this week comes from VL McBeath and is available for free on Instafreebie only. It costs $0.99 on Amazon.

Condemned by Fate: A Short Story by VL McBeath

condemned by fateSometimes it’s the threats you can’t see that are the most deadly…

Charles Jackson is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy. Or at least he was.

Working as a farm labourer gives him all he needs in life. Then he falls in love with Mary, the farmer’s daughter, and his world comes crashing down.

Imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit, and facing transportation to goodness knows where, Charles dreams of being with Mary again. It is only as he prepares to clear his name he discovers there are some who will stop at nothing to tear them apart.

Angry and seeking retribution Charles is determined to get his girl. He has no way of knowing that the biggest threat to his life is yet to come…

Condemned by Fate is a short story prequel to The Ambition & Destiny Series, a compelling family saga of love, loss and betrayal set against the backdrop of Victorian England.

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Black Lines: Dodgy Pills (A Graphic Novel) by Olly Cunningham

Black Lines: Dodgy PillsA story of sex drugs and social deprivation, based in Dublin, Ireland. Drug dealers Tommo and his father-in-law Jimmy have received a new batch of pills from a very different source to their usual guy, they test them out and get literally blown away. Things go out of control and they both experience flashbacks of their dirty secrets. Click on the buy button to continue the adventure. Not for the easily offended.

Plenty of great 5 star reviews for this title which is also available on Amazon for $2.99.

Get your free copy here:



Be sure to come back and let me know what you thought of the books if you get any of them and if there are any particular genres that you would like to see listed be sure to let me know in the comments.

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