Banish Money Worries By Focusing On The Red

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In today’s post I want to talk about money and the base chakra. Both are very much related. If you struggling to make ends meet, worried that you won’t ever have the money you dream of having, or blaming the ecomony for your financial situation, then this article can help. The truth is that the solution to your money problems lies within you – in your base chakra to be exact.

Seeing Red – The Base Chakra or Root Chakra

Located at the bottom of the spine you will find the root or base chakra. This is the energy centre within your body that governs how safe and secure you feel in the physical world. You feed this chakra with the thoughts you think on a daily basis. What you don’t realise is that these thoughts are being influenced by everything you see, read or hear. This could be anything from the early morning news you hear on your way to work to your own cellular memory that dates back as far as the great famine.

As is similar with all your chakras, your base chakra allows you to view and create your reality. If your life is filled with worry based beliefs such as:

• “I never have enough money.”
• “I am struggling to pay my bills.”
• “I am never going to be able to afford that.”

Then guess what? You are never going to feel like you have enough money even when you do. The reason for this can be that your root chakra is blocked and this causes you to focus on everything that you don’t have rather than allowing you to focus on the abundance that you do have in your life.

What you are actually doing is blocking yourself from looking at the positive things in your life and when this happens you are less likely to attract opportunities that could lead you to more abundance or the ability for more abundance in your life.

With a blocked base chakra you are creating a downward financial spiral. If this sounds familiar then you will be pleased to know that reversing it is quite simple. You have to take control of the situation and you have to become conscious of the thoughts you are thinking. When you’ve done this, you can work on changing them.

How To Unblock The Base Chakra

base chakraAll your negative thoughts and negative emotions will lead to blocking the base chakra. This can also be felt in your physical body. The base chakra governs the large intestine, perineum, pubic bone, coccyx, testicles, legs, feet, teeth and bones. When this chakra is blocked or out of balance it can manifest in a number of different ways including:

• Haemorrhoids
• Other dysfunctions of the bowel, large intestine and digestive system.
• Issues relating to the lower back, legs and feet, bone and
• Teeth problems.

Lack of energy and general poor health can all point to a blocked based chakra.

In order to unblock and rebalance your base chakra you need to start appreciating everything in your life. You need to begin looking for the positive in all situations. Catch your negative thoughts whenever you can and begin replacing them with something more positive and encouraging. Begin visualising some of the new experiences that you wish to attract such as a new job you love or an increase in finances. Make this vision so real in your mind that you begin to really feel yourself having it. Spend at least five minutes each day visualising what you want and trust that you can have it. Doubt and worry have to be eliminated. Your visualisation cannot be manifested if you have a blocked chakra.

The natural state of the base chakra is complete trust that you will always be supported and that you will always receive whatever you need. When balanced and functioning correctly, your base chakra helps you to feel gratitude and appreciate everything that comes your way. When you learn to recognise all the good in your life and give appreciation for it, you will notice that more abundance comes your way and your money worries become a thing of the past.

Affirmations For The Base Chakra

Below are two affirmations that you can say daily to help unblock and keep your base chakra clear. You can repeat them as often as you like, write them out, or say them into the mirror each morning. Do what feels right for you, and be sure to take note of any changes you experience.

I am willing to release all fears, worries and concerns about money, my career, safety, and protection.
• I know that I am perfectly protected and that all my needs are met abundantly.

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