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seeing is believing

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Today I am working on my new book and looking at the phrase “seeing is believing” and wondering if it should actually be, “believing is seeing”. It’s one of those areas where you can’t go wrong. If you say you’ll believe something when you see it, when you see it, you will believe it.

There are so many areas in our lives where we believe something without seeing it. We believe in gravity. We believe in air. Many of us believe in God, the afterlife, angels, and many more religious beings. We don’t see these things but we believe that they exist. You may be someone who believes what others tell them without having any evidence that it is true. As children we all believed everything our parents told us. We had no reason to doubt them or search for evidence that what they were saying was true. We just believed as all children do.

When working with switchwords, the same principle applies. Many people say they won’t believe that they will work but they are willing to test them out. Their belief is solidified once the thing they are looking to manifest appears. So my question is was it believing and seeing, or seeing and then believing?

Let’s look at this a little deeper.

Switchwords and Your Beliefs

If you have never heard of switchwords, they are words and phrases that we can repeat, write, or chant on a daily basis to help re-wire our brains and manifest into reality what we want to happen. Most people want to use them for money, weight loss, or relationships. The switchword for money is COUNT. When we say this word over and over, our brain is triggered to look for more money to count. The idea behind this is we count money so the word count is used to attract money because the more money we have, the more we can count. When repeated on a daily basis, we will automatically begin to have more ideas on how to get more money. Some people receive unexpected money, others find that they win money or monies they are owed are repaid to them. It is all to do with the intention that we are putting out to the universe. This means that switchwords tie in very nicely with the Law of Attraction and they help to boost our focus on what it is we desire. That intention is then multiplied for the duration of time in which we focus on the switchwords.

It is suggested that you write down your switchwords or phrases 28 times every day for a period of 42 days.

If you are someone that says you have to believe it to see it, you might scoff at the idea of switchwords. In fact you probably scoff at the whole idea of the Law of Attraction. If however you are someone who wants to believe and who is willing to try using these practices, you will probably have your belief proven when you see your results. If you are willing to try then you are willing to believe that they will work and your belief will bring about seeing the results.

So you see, no one is ever really wrong here. I remember listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer speaking and he was talking about the power of intention and how we have to believe in something to see it. I guess, the whole idea of switchwords and using words and phrases to change your life might seem a little farfetched to many but there are those who have seen amazing results myself included.

Switchword Successes

About four months ago, a lady got in touch with me via Facebook to ask about switchwords. This lady really wanted to become a mother and she had tried IVF but it had failed. She was going for her last attempt and she was looking for some switchwords that might help. She had read my stories of success with switchwords and she was willing to try anything. I gave her a phrase to help her conceive and told her to write it 28 times a day for 42 days.

Yesterday I received a message from this lady telling me that the switchwords had worked and she was 9 weeks pregnant. I was absolutely thrilled for her and couldn’t help smiling. She had been given the one gift that she desired and all it took was the belief in some phrases to make it happen. Our intention and belief is the key to bringing what we want into the world.

I have manifested money and a new house using switchwords since October 2014. Right now I am using a switchwords to help me with weight loss and getting my body back in shape. The phrase I am using is DIMINISH-CUT-BE-GUIDE-POINT-SUDDENLY-RESTORE-TINY-SWEET-CURVE-68,476,739,287 (should be said as 68 billion, 476 million, 739 thousand, 287). I have been writing this for 16 days now and I can already see a change. Over the past two weeks I have been a lot more active. I don’t want to sit down. I enjoy going for walks and being active. This is something that I haven’t done in years. I am taking our dog for a walk every evening. I am drinking lots more water and I am challenging myself to walk 10,000 steps every day. I am even watching what I eat and finding that I am more drawn to healthier food options.

I know lots of people will say this has nothing to do with writing my switchword phrase but I feel differently and the results do speak for themselves. I have noticed that my legs are slimmer and my husband even commented on this at the weekend. My body is getting its shape back and I am feeling so much more positive about myself. I feel smaller and when I look in the mirror I see that my body is shrinking and slimming. I believe that switchwords work and the phrase I am using is for weight loss. Does this mean that I am manifesting this change because this is the intention I am putting out to the world or is it that I am more conscious of losing weight because I am writing my switchword phrase? There really isn’t an answer all I know is that whatever it is, it works and I am happy with that.

If you have never tried switchwords, why not try chanting something simple like BRING-PEACE-NOW when you are feeling stressed and see how it makes you feel. If you want something specific, you can try using the phrase DIVINE-MAGIC-BEGIN-NOW and add your intention to this. Try it for 42 days writing your phrase along with your intention out 28 times every morning and come back and let me know what your results are. It should look something like: DIVINE-MAGIC-BEGIN-NOW-increased book sales.  You just add your intention to the end of the phrase.

We can start in the comments by stating what our intention is and the switchword we are going to use and then update the comments with our results at the end of the 42 days. I would love you all to be a part of this. You don’t have to believe to try it all I ask is that you keep an open mind because you might you get to believe it when you see it.

Until next time,


Amanda J Evans is an Irish author. Amanda lives in Co. Meath, Ireland, with her husband and two children. She writes paranormal, fantasy, and romantic fiction. She has published works available on Amazon including her bestselling non-fiction title “Surviving Suicide: A Memoir From Those Death Left Behind”, a book that promotes suicide awareness. Amanda has also received a publishing contract for a number children’s story book with the first title coming in fall 2017.

She can be found on all social media platforms including


62 comments on “Seeing is Believing or Believing is Seeing

  1. Amanda J Evans

    I am going to start off the comment with my switchword phrase and intention for the next 42 days. My intention is to attract a new book collaboration with another author. I want this to be enjoyable and lucrative for both of us.

    DIVINE-MAGIC-BEGIN-NOW-a new book collaboration that is enjoyable and lucrative.

    Your turn now.


  2. Wendy Tomlinson

    Well Amanda, I’m just sat here drinking my morning cup of tea. I’ve had a lovely walk and there in my inbox is a notification of a new post on your blog. So before I get stuck into my work for the day, I thought I’d have a read. So happy I did. There it was right at the beginning and my day is perfect. It was that one turn around of words “Believing is seeing.”
    Spot on, absolutely love it. Have a brilliant day. xx

    P.S. So happy that your posting regular. You are such a talented writer. xx

    1. Amanda J Evans

      Thanks Wendy for all your lovely comments and for all the help you haven given me over the years. Your coaching has been so valuable and has given me the courage and self belief to get my writing out there.


  3. Jessica

    I am doing thee SW phrases they are long though..LOL I really want change so here goes:
    I am writing these daily I started yesterday and as you can tell I am hoping for a raise or new job,get skinny and feel more energetic,and have a wonderful marriage and let go of the past. I am excited and ready for positive results 🙂 Jess

    1. Amanda J Evans

      Thanks Jess, I am a big believer in switchwords and the Law of Attraction. Do drop back to let me know how you are getting in and be sure to acknowledge every little miracle your switchwords bring. Xxx

  4. Jessica

    …I forgot to mark notify me

  5. reena

    Hello, your switchword for losing weight and getting back in shape says to say it (should be said as 68 billion, 476 million, 739 thousand, 287) is this true? It has to be said this many times or am I misunderstanding?

    What would be the best switchwords for me to easily attract and marry the man of my dreams right now, and to effortlessly have a perfect net income of over $20,000 per week?

    1. Amanda J Evans

      Hi Reena,

      I think you have misunderstood what I was saying about the numbers when using switchwords. You say the number as a whole and not digit by digit. For example 100 is said as one hundred and not one zero zero. The switchwords for money is count and a lovely number to use with all your intentions is 5197148 which is the energy code that means anything is possible. The most important advice I can give you is to remain positive and believe you will receive what you are looking for.



    helo myself receba, i just wanted to know which switch pharse you have used to own a new house as said in the above article. please help me and let me know..i will use your technique of writing 28 times for 42 days. thank you.

    1. Amanda J Evans

      Rebecca, the switchword phrase that I used was: FIND-PERFECT-home-BRING-CHARM-SOMEHOW

      This was given to me by an expert and I wrote it out exactly as above 28 times each morning fro 42 days. We found the perfect house on Day 15 and had negotiated a deal with the owner by Day 22. I continued to write for 42 days. I hope this really helps you.


  7. Shwetta

    Dear Amanda,
    Thank you for your website and thank you for all the contributions that your posts are to all the visitors. I googled GOLDEN SUNRISE switch word and i saw your website in #3. I said Amanda Jevans? I said what a lovely name .. In sanskrit, Jevan means ” Life”. 🙂 I then clicked on your website and knew your name is Amanda J Evans. This is such a Divine Guidance to be on your blog. I have a question for you.. can i use 3 switch words with intentions at one time, say the weightloss, New home and for my flourishing career.

    Thank you once again for this awesome website of yours.

    1. Amanda J Evans

      Thank you for your lovely comment Shwetta. To answer your question, yes you can use a number of different switchwords at the same time. I have a large collection of ECs (energy circles) printed out which decorate the walls in my office and I also have them placed in other rooms of my home too. These are for harmony, happiness, abundance etc. I used switchwords for a new home last year along with weight loss and abundance phrases. I wrote each of my switchwords in a separate notebook so that I could write each one 28 times every day for 42 days. You can also add energy codes to your switchwords and you can write them on your hands/body. For weight loss, I know that many people write the switchwords on their stomach.

      There is a fantastic Switchwords Group on Facebook that is public. It is run by Kat Miller of and it has some wonderful information. It is a very active group with people always willing to help.

      Hope this helps but please feel free to reply should you have any further questions.


      1. Shwetta

        Amanda, thank you for your loving response. I am moving into a new rented villa next week and EC s would be a wonderful creating project and manifestation tool to include. I am using the switch word that you have published here for weight loss and to own a new home in this new town I live in. Would it be kind of me to request a switch word with code for abundance prosperity and copious money flow? I will work with these three to begin with . I live in India. What would it take to make your books available in India on amazon marketplace? ? I am a voracious reader and I prefer my books in hard copy printed format. Thankyou ones again for the path you have choosen and for Being You and Being such a huge contribution to my life Amanda. God Bless You.

  8. Amanda J Evans

    Shwetta, many thanks for your comment once again. I have sent you a private email regarding my books and I will be doing a full blog post on switchwords for money and abundance that will hopefully answer all your questions.


  9. Tara

    Hi Amanda, I really need a SW for my 3.5 yrs old son. He had sudden seizure in Jan and ended up with seizure medication . Side effects of this brain medications are loss of muscle coordination, slurred speech, change in behavior….MRI showed no damage to the brain but EEG is very abnormal. Our whole family is going through tough time including him. Pls help

    1. Amanda J Evans

      HI Tara,

      First off I wanted to say how sorry I am that this has happened to your son and that I will remember him in my prayers. There are a number of switchwords and energy numbers that can be used for brain health and healing which I am going to list below. I would also like to suggest that you join the public switchwords group on Facebook. The people are very friendly and very helpful. The link is

      78,364,557,775 improve brain function by Lloyd Mear. This can be written on your Son’s arm as can any of the numbers listed in my reply.

      IMMUNITY-NOW-BE-PERFECT-SHANTI-SOMEHOW – This is a switchword phrase to encourage healing

      Balance L & R hemispheres of the brain as well as the peripheral nervous system and brain sttem. This number has been taken from the Quantum K Healing Manual. Can be written on your son’s arm.
      333 554 777 777

      REVERSE-RESTORE-BE-MAGNANIMITY-BENEVOLENT-PEACE – This is a switchword phrase to restore balance and health

      Numbers: These are all frequencies that should help. Again they can be written on your Son’s or you can write them and chant them daily with the intention for healing for your son.
      226 Hz
      329 Hz
      953 Hz
      6000 Hz

      I hope these help and do let me know how things go.


      1. Tara

        Thanks so much. Can I chant it for myself also, i have tumor in my brain. Take care.

        1. Amanda J Evans

          Yes of course you can use these for yourself Tara and you can also write this switchword phrase 28 times each day and chant whenever you think of it.

          Prayers and healing being sent for you and your son.


  10. Vero

    Hi Amanda,

    Kindly share which switchwords you used to attract a house.
    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,

  11. Vero

    Never mind Amanda.
    I just saw the switchwords to attract a house in the comments above.
    I will start applying it today.

  12. pr

    Hi Amanda,

    Can you please share the switch words to conceive that you have passed for a lady who has failed to conceive through IVF.. I am trying naturally..

    Thanks in Advance

    1. Amanda J Evans

      Hi Preetha,

      Below are some switchwords that you can uses to conceive naturally. You can use them all or just the one you like the best. Write 28 times a day with your intention.


      successful and safe pregnancy – KEEP-UP-NOURISH-ROOT-PERFECT-COPY-WITH-DIVINE-GRACE.


      Happy and healthy pregnancy – CALM-KEEP-PERFECT-COPY-UP

      I hope these help and be sure to come back and share your good news. Don’t feel deflated if it takes more than 42 days. I have written switchwords for up to 100 days before getting my miracle. It is important to remain positive and know they are working.


      1. Pr

        Hi Amanda,

        Tons & tons of thanks for the Sw for pregnancy. I used


        I am now 10weeks pregnant naturally.. No words to express my joy..Thanks a lot. It’s been 42days now since I started writing..should I continue writing till my delivery or what? & should I preserve this Sw papers or to be discarded..if so when??

        I also want switch words to buy a land & build a luxurious house & move in before baby comes..I have a property in my mind & dream to buy land & build house on it..but I don’t have money to do all these ..but I want to happen make my dream come true immediately. Please help with switch word like before. Please reply ASAP.

        Thanks for everything

        1. Amanda J Evans

          Thanks absolutely wonderful news Preetha, I am so delighted for you. Below is a switchword phrase for a healthy pregnancy if you want to use this till your baby arrives.

          help maintain a healthy pregnancy : KEEP-UP-NOURISH-ROOT-PERFECT-COPY-WITH-DIVINE-GRACE.

          here is one to buy land easily and get the money to build your dream house: BRING-COUNT-CHARM-FOR-Home-WITH-EASE-SOMEHOW.

          Hope this helps,


          1. Pr

            Thanks a lot Amanda..I forgot to ask , is there any special switch word to have baby girl in my pregnancy

          2. Amanda J Evans

            You’re welcome Preetha,

            I’m not aware of any switchwords that you can use to influence the gender of your child.


          3. Pr

            Okies..Thanks once again

          4. Pr

            Hi Amanda

            I kindly request you to provide me a switch word to win jackpot in lottery..please please please please it’s a humble request..waiting for your reply very long time..please do reply ASAP

          5. Amanda J Evans

            HI Preetha,

            Please join the public switchwords group on Facebook and use the search function. You will find the answers to all your queries.

            JACKPOT-YES!-BONUS-BE – the switchword phrase for winning the lottery.


  13. trish

    Hi amanda do u have any switch words to help my daughter get rid of social services so she can get on with her life with her two little boys neighbours reported her for nothing.
    Thank u

    1. Amanda J Evans

      Hi Trish,

      Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Below is some information for your daughter and different switchword phrases she can use.

      TOGETHER-DIVINE-LIMIT-GUARD-MASK-WALL-ELATE-FIGHT-TRIUMPH-CONCEDE (write 28 times a day for 42 days setting the intention and outcome she wants)
      Together-divine is to make all things work together for your good. Limit-guard-mask is to limit their ability to interfere and to create pain and chaos, as well as to protect mind and body. Wall is to block them from intrusive behavior. Elate is to turn setback into benefit. Fight-triumph is to stand up for yourself and win. Concede is to end arguments and be amicable (it doesn’t mean you will “give in”).

      peace and harmony at home – DIVINE-TOGETHER-PEACE-CALM-LOVE-BE (again write 28 times a day for 42 days)

      Work miracles, let go of discord and conflict, and allow people and life to simply flow.

      Support my thoughts, harmonize well with and immerse in working miracles, receiving and giving joy, increase personal ability to generate, radiate and experience love and acceptance, with extraordinary ability cease hostilities, reclaim stability, work miracles and with mercy smooth the rough spots, brightly focus positivity, and work miracles in accepting contrasting elements, recognize the beauty in contrast, let go of discord and conflict, and allow people and life to simply flow. Help in aligning with Law of Attraction

      I hope these help and be sure to come back and let me know your results.


  14. Pr


    Can you please share the switch words that you suggested for one of the client in your post ..IAM trying naturally..please reply ASAP

    Thanks in Advance

    1. Amanda J Evans

      Hi Preetha,

      I posted them in reply to your other comment but I will add them here again. They should be written 28 times a day until you get your result. The average time is 42 days but this can vary. Be sure to all state your intention when you are writing them and remain positive.


      successful and safe pregnancy – KEEP-UP-NOURISH-ROOT-PERFECT-COPY-WITH-DIVINE-GRACE.


      Happy and healthy pregnancy – CALM-KEEP-PERFECT-COPY-UP


  15. Pr

    Got it..Thanks a lot Amanda

  16. Tara

    Hello Amanda, this is Tara again. I have been writing SW for my son. He has not have any seizure attack so far. But due to the seizure med he is very sad, depressed. We were told by doctor to take him for psychological therapy. Side effects of this med is depression and suicidal. He is only 3.5 yrs old but seeing him so sad breaks my heart. He cries hour after hour to become a baby again and want to hide in my tommy. I really do not know what to do.,,would you pls help. Can not efford those expensive therapy.

    1. Amanda J Evans

      Hi Tara,

      My heart is breaking for you and the distress you must be going through. I don’t know whether I gave you the link for the public switchwords group on Facebook, everyone there is very helpful. This is the link there are lots of energy circles that you can get in the group and print off to put around your home. These project energy into the room and contain switchwords.

      These switchwords you can write 28 times a day for as long as you need them. Be sure to stay positive and set the intention you want before writing them.

      happiness, health, abundance in life – ALL IN-TOGETHER-DIVINE-RAINBOW-CHARM-FULL-IMMUNITY-LOVE-BE

      For depression and sadness – ELATE-UP-JOLLY-CHUCKLE-SURRENDER-CHEERS.



      Feeling: Deep-seeded unresolved sadness going unanswered

      Feeling: Feelings of insecurity
      Switchphrase: RESTORE-WOMB-GUARD-BE.

      Feeling: Unexpressed and unresolved hurts


      This is an article on how to help children be happy, I hope it has some useful information for you:
      This is an article about foods that trigger the happy hormone: and here’s another about food and this one is foods that help beat depression

      I hope all of this helps and please feel free to get in touch if you need anything else.


  17. Luciana


    I have been reading all your replies. You are a very kind person.

    God bless you

  18. Luciana

    I also would like to ask you: which number would help to discover one’s life mission.
    I am already using switchwords and numbers and in some cases they work well, in some cases very well.

    Thanks a lot and Best Wishes to the book you are working on now


    1. Amanda J Evans

      Hi Luciana,

      For life purpose you could try this:

      559,955,995,599 Align with your true life purpose, make sweeping positive changes. Put your focus toward shining your light brightly. Let go of situations and/or people that no longer serve a positive purpose for you. Break free from old, out-dated restraints and move forward with faith, self-belief and enthusiasm. Allow positive changes in your life by releasing old negative patterns and experiences, and opening to love, gratitude and appreciation for the acquired knowledge they gave you.

      You can write this number on your arm in blue ink and write it 28 times each day.

      I hope this helps


      1. Luciana

        Thank you Amanda !

  19. Teresa

    Hi Amanda I have been single 8 years been on loads of dates over the years but not met anyone special
    I done switch words for 28 days but nothing has happened so far..
    I’m ready for love now in my life
    do u have any switch words to help me please.

    1. Amanda J Evans

      Hi Teresa,

      When writing switchwords you need to stay positive and grateful for every tiny little change you notice. I recommend keeping a gratitude journal and writing in it each evening. Put down everything you were grateful for that day. A smile from a stranger, nice weather, feeling happy that day. Every little thing helps to bring you into the vibration of gratitude which is very important. I am currently on day 117 of writing the switchwords I am using but I know they are working and I know they are going to bring me the outcome I desire. Do not put a time frame on when they should work, instead believe and enjoy the process.

      Below are some switchword phrases that you can use to help attract love into your life. The first one deals with loving yourself which is also very important. The second is a universal phrase that you use and set your intention with. The last two are about attracting a love and a life partner. I have also included a link to a blog post that I think you might find useful.

      PURGE-PIVOT-SHUT-SHANTI-JOY-LOVE love and approve of your self. Without criticizing self.

      DIVINE-MAGIC-BEGIN-NOW – state your intention to find love before writing this. This is a switchword phrase that can be used for anything. Just be sure to say what you are intending before you write it.



      This is an excellent blog about finding love. This link is to part 6 but there are links to all the other parts too.

      I hope this helps.


  20. Teresa

    Hi amanda i forgot to ask on my other question do u have any switch word books that u would recommend please.

    1. Amanda J Evans

      Hi Teresa,

      I don’t have any books that I personally recommend as I haven’t used any. My information comes from using switchwords myself. I am working on a book about switchwords and how to use them which should be released later this year. I do recommend the public Facebook group called Switchwords which can be very helpful. The link is

  21. Teresa

    Hi Amanda i gave Dave my number but he hasn’t called yet is there any switch words to help him make contact or if he is right for me.
    Thank you

    1. Amanda J Evans

      Hi Teresa,

      Here’s a few phrases you can use.

      SUDDENLY-BRING-Connect-CONDUIT-ACT-BETWEEN (for receiving a call from someone who is not in touch)
      WOLF MAGIC BEGIN NOW (set intention before using this switchword)
      Connect-REACH-BETWEEN-OPEN-ACT-BE (to open up communication)

      Let me know how you get on.


  22. Razia Shaikh

    Amanda Please help me to chant switchwords for my severe hair loss problem .I’m really getting bald and feel ashamed to move out of my house.

    1. Amanda J Evans

      Hi Razia,

      Below are some switchwords and healing numbers that you can use

      FULL-BUBBLE-ADD-ANCHOR (write or chant 28 times each day for at least 42 days)
      11 23 884 – Healing code for hair loss
      33 48 452 – Healing code to nourish hair
      1.05HZ – Write it on ur left hand
      SPEND-HORSESHOE-PHASE-hair-LIGHT (Be beautiful, strengthen the soul, improve situation with the hair and be inspired.)

      Hope these help,


  23. Mrs Shaikh

    Hi Amenda please suggest switchwords for beauty

    1. Amanda J Evans

      Many thanks for you comment. Below is some switchword phrase that can help.

      For over-all, sweeping and POSITIVE life changes.

      Bags under eyes and general “older” appearance, causing emotional distress and social anxiety.
      Together-divine is to make all things work together for your good. Change-alone is for healing pain or illness in mind, body, or emotions. Learn is to look young, and also for skin. Clear is to clear up the skin. Praise is to notice your beauty and have others notice it. Curve is for beauty. Crystal-hole is to be attractive (hole) when it currently feels impossible (crystal). Circulate is to get out around people (overcome shyness and “get out there”).

      Also join the Switchwords group on Facebook run by Kat Miller. It is very helpful and contains lots of energy circles that you can print out and use.


  24. Mrs Shaikh

    Hi Amanda pls suggest some nice switcwords for Hair loss problem, for weight loss, for beauty and for money abundance

    1. Amanda J Evans

      Many thanks for your comment. Please see the replies to the comments on this post as there is information in them relating to hair loss, beauty and money. There is also a dedicated blog post for money and abundance so I would advise that you read that and the comments.

      Below are some switchwords that you can use for weight loss.

      TINY-LIGHT with a red pen on your tummy everyday



      Also join the Switchwords group on Facebook run by Kat Miller. It is very helpful and contains lots of energy circles that you can print out and use.


  25. Teresa

    Hi amanda i have my personal independence payment meeting on Thursday i know it’s short notice but i have failed it last two times because of lack of evidence.
    is there any switch words to help me succeed this time round and is there anything more i can do than write them down 28 times

    1. Amanda J Evans

      Hi Teresa,

      Try these: – get approval energy circle, this is a link to a post on the public switchwords group on Facebook and it has lots of information and an energy circle you can copy and print out.

      SPEED-UP-my job application-WITH-DIVINE-EASE -NOW – Just replace (my job application) with what you want.

      WOLF-HORSE-ALL IN – TOGETHER -CONSIDER- CRYSTAL-REACH-DIVINEOrder-FIND-(paperwork for approval)-NOW-DONE – replace what’s in brackets with what you want.


  26. Teresa

    Hi Amanda sorry to keep bothering you but my granddaughter is in intensive care and very poorly. We have been told if she doesn’t breath on her own soon and all her sats go up then there is nothing they can do..
    I believe she will get better she’s only 7 weeks old and I want her brain damage to be minimal or non existence I belive in miracles and amelia-ann needs one.
    All our hearts are breaking.

  27. Teresa

    She has a meeting today at 2 UK clock please don’t let it be too late xxx

  28. Teresa

    Thank u xxx

  29. Amy

    Hi Amanda I love your work and the help you give to people, I have been using loa for a few months now but felt like I was in a bit of a rut with it, I came across switch words and your site and wanted to share this little story:) I have been off work recently and so have not been paid, my car insurance was cancelled and I had no money to buy my son birthday presents (which is tomorrow) I was panicking! I set the intention to be able to give him a nice birthday and used the switch words FINDDIVINEADDTOGETHER I started this over the weekend, today I was given £700 from a family member, enough to sort car and give my son a great day. I’m going to keep going and thanks so much!

    1. Amanda J Evans

      That’s brilliant Amy, I am so delighted that the switchwords worked for you and I hope your son has an amazing birthday. Thanks for sharing your success.


  30. jiggi

    hi amanda,
    would like to know which switchword to use to bring back husband and marriage restoration.

    1. Amanda J Evans

      Hi Jiggi,

      Many thanks for you comment. I don’t have switchwords for this as it is not something I have faced. I would suggest you join the public switchwords group on facebook run by expert Kat Miller. You can ask your question in the group and I’m sure there will be plenty of people to help you out.