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Today on my blog I wanted to share some spiritual musing with everyone. If you have read my about me page you will know that I love the Law of Attraction and follow a lot of the spiritual teachings of people like Wayne Dyer, Esther Hicks, etc. I am a big fan of Hay House and the books they publish too.  While I was thinking about what to post on my blog today, I came across a document on my laptop called “Spiritual Musing”. After reading through it, I felt it would be appropriate for my blog today. I hope you enjoy it.

Do You Hold The Power To Change Your Life?

What if we had the power to change who we are, to change our lives, and our surroundings?

What if we were able to commune with nature, speak with the dead, and see what this life really means?

What if we possessed the answers to every question ever asked?

What if we understood every thought, every fear, and every feeling we experienced?

This may seem like a lot of “what ifs”, so let me add a few more to really get you thinking, starting with, what if all of the above were true?

What would that mean in your life?

If you could change your life, what would you change?

How would you do it and why?

If you could talk with nature and speak to the dead, what would you ask?

If you could see what life really means, would you want to look?

If you knew the answer to every question asked, understood your thoughts, fears and emotions, where would it leave you?

The reality is, that we can do all of these things and more if we just believe that we can.  You can always change your life.  You can also talk to your loved ones who have passed over and you can always find the answer to any question that you ask.  This is the power of being human.  We can do, have and be anything that we desire once we believe it.

We are all powerful and we all possess the ability to tap into our infinite source of wisdom.  When we start realising this, we begin to change and so too does our lives.

When we start to question our thoughts, fears and emotions, realisations occur.  We being to see how our thoughts and fears are shaping our lives and how our emotions show us what our thought patterns are.

You can never feel happy and content if you are thinking negative thoughts.  It just isn’t possible.  When you are feeling happy and content, you have to be thinking positive thoughts.

Our emotions are like our own personal compass leading us to where we want to be.  North is where happiness and peace reside and this is where you want your compass to point at all times.

If we ask ourselves questions and then become quiet, we will usually find that we are presented with the answers.

If we speak with deceased loved ones we will find ourselves imaging what their reply would be.  Is this really our imagination or are they answering us?  Only you really know and it is your belief in your own power of communication that will give you the answer.

We all have these abilities and today your task is to believe, ask and be willing to receive.

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