On Synchronicities and Letting the Universe Work for You


I am a big believer in synchronicities. In fact, I am always on the lookout for them and I acknowledge and write them down whenever I notice them. Of course, the more I pay attention the more I notice them. I have been reading about the Law of Attraction since 2008 and through the years I have immersed myself in so much information that sometimes I think my brain is like a huge, old library. I remember reading long ago that synchronicities are your acknowledgement that the universe is listening to you. The problem is that most of us don’t take the time to notice them. We are so quick to say I want this, I want to that, please help me with, show me the right direction to take, etc., but we aren’t watching for the answers.

Amanda J Evans is an Irish author. Amanda lives in Co. Meath, Ireland, with her husband and two children. She writes paranormal, fantasy, and romantic fiction. She has published works available on Amazon including her bestselling non-fiction title “Surviving Suicide: A Memoir From Those Death Left Behind”, a book that promotes suicide awareness. Amanda has also received a publishing contract for a number children’s story book with the first title coming in fall 2017.

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